Nintendo Download: 27th June (North America)

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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it’s a quieter week on all fronts. How many of you will be sucking up ghosts with Luigi’s Mansion 2? Or are you after a long-awaited VN localisation?

As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop – Highlights

Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD (Nintendo, 27th Jun, $59.99) – Help Luigi turn some unruly ghosts friendly once again and restore the Dark Moon to its rightful place in the sky! Explore several distinct haunted mansions and use your superpowered ghost-hunting tool, the Poltergust 5000, to suck up ghosts (and window curtains) and search every nook and cranny of these chilling-yet-charming haunts. Plus, you and up to three players can tackle the challenging Scarescraper as a legion of Luigis, locally or online! – Read our Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD Review

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition (Ubisoft, 25th Jun, $19.99) – Rediscover the cult classic in a special edition celebrating its 20th anniversary with improved graphics, controls and audio! Armed with her precious daï-jo fighting stick and faithful camera, Jade’s adventure will get you to freely explore Hillys, combat creatures large and small, infiltrate dangerous areas, solve enigmatic puzzles, play addictive mini-games, race the best hovercraft pilots, and take pictures of the whole experience. Available now.

Switch eShop – New Releases

34 Sports Games – World Edition (Maximum Entertainment, 28th Jun, $29.99) – Choose your game style: Quick match or tournament? Compete or play together in the stadium! Discover a multitude of games: whether you love football, basketball, weightlifting, trampoline, archery, or even bowling, you’ll find all your favourite sports here!

A Street Cat’s Tale 2: Outside is Dangerous (CFK, 27th Jun, $13.99) – Meet Cinnamon, a baby kitten who used to spend his days at home. Then one ordinary peaceful day, he followed a butterfly that had flown in through the window, leading him straight into the outside world… However, the outside world isn’t the beautiful, dreamy place he’d seen out the window. Will Cinnamon be able to return home safely?

Air Sea Modern Conflict (Pix Arts, 28th Jun, $11.99) – Dive into the heart-pounding action of “Air Sea Modern Conflict,” an exhilarating game where you take direct control of powerful ships and aircraft to annihilate waves of relentless enemies. As a skilled commander, you’ll pilot various naval vessels, from agile destroyers and stealthy submarines to massive aircraft carriers, each armed with an array of devastating weapons.

Aqua Puzzle Adventures (Asylum Square Interactive, 29th Jun, $6.99) – Set sail on an enchanting journey with Aqua Puzzle Adventure, a delightful game designed for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, and their parents on the Nintendo Switch™! Explore vivid underwater worlds filled with happy animals and engaging puzzles that are both fun and educational.

Boat Driver: Ship Parking Simulator (Megame, 27th Jun, $4.99) – Take control of a wide range of boats and speedboats, each with their own unique handling characteristics. Your goal is to moor your ship at the specified point, avoiding collisions with various obstacles. Test your skills in a variety of levels, each presenting a unique set of challenges.

Cape’s Escape Game 9th Room (AlignmentSharp, 27th Jun, $9.80) – After blowing some money on his favorite sweet soy sauce dumplings at the neighborhood dumpling shop, Cape gets a free shopping district lottery ticket. When he turns the tombola in hopes of winning the 3rd prize of “a ticket to slap condescending bourgeois”

Climbing Over It With A Spear Only Up (404, 29th Jun, $6.99) – Reach the top by thrusting your spear into the ice. Be careful, if you thrust the spear into stone, you’ll be shot backward! Climbing Over It with a Spear Only Up aims to discourage you as you attempt to climb a surreal mountain.

Construct Farm (Nerd Games, 22nd Jun, $9.99) – You can use an inventory of structures to place houses, barns, rustic buildings, supplies, crops, and all the components that create a farm scene. You can save your designs to continue later. With a friendly and comfortable design, build your farm, fill the fields with animals, vehicles, and crops as you wish and wherever you want.

Dead Station 2 (ESDigital Games, 28th Jun, $4.99) – Are you ready to conquer the fear. . . again? Your ship crashes on Titan, a moon of Saturn. Your only way out is to find salvation in the abandoned space station “”TAU-9″”. Explore dark corridors, find new weapons to fight dangerous monsters. Solve puzzles to open new paths in search of surviving humans on the station.

ECHOLOCAUTION (PortalKey, 27th Jun, $5.00) – Bats that live in the dark possess a unique ability called “echolocation. ” They can distinguish between echo sounds to catch prey and avoid danger even in total darkness. “Echolocation” is a score attack action game based on the lifestyle of these fascinating creatures.

EGGCONSOLE TOPPLE ZIP PC-8801 (D4 Enterprise, 27th Jun, $6.49) – This is a top-view action game released by Bothtec in 1986. Players ride the Zipping and participate in a race held on the planet Frolic. In the race, you must use weapons such as 3-way shots, homing missiles, smoke screens, and mines, as well as collisions, to defeat rivals. Use the item “”Radar”” to locate warp zones, move through each stage, and find a “”certain item”” to break through the final stage.

Escape from the Tower (IntuitiveComputers, 29th Jun, $4.99) – Guide your brave princess as she makes her escape from a formidable tower. Battle through hordes of mighty enemies, overcome challenging obstacles, and face off against the fearsome dragon. Utilize unique abilities, collect powerful items, and strategize your way to victory.

Flying Tank (Hexage, 27th Jun, $14.99) – Get into your Flying Tank and shoot ’em up like it’s the good old days! Kill strange bosses, drop bombs from above and build an arsenal of fun, powerful weapons. Reclaim the stolen Earth – alone or with a friend – in a rich action-packed side-scrolling shmup!

Food Truck Simulator (Ultimate Games, 2nd Jul, $19.99) – Your father owned a food truck. Though the vehicle has grown old, it has become a cornerstone of your family’s legacy. Now, in the blink of an eye, your father’s gone. Now, the food truck belongs to you. Will you walk in your father’s footsteps and live up to his name? Only one way to find out. You can’t take the ‘truck’ out of ‘food truck’.

Fortress Challenge – Fort Boyard (Microids, 27th Jun, $39.99) – Sir Fouras has taken the adventure at Fort Boyard to the next level. With his 6 exclusive perks, one for each part, he will shake up the rules of the game. Upon your arrival at the Fort, select the perk of the evening, while Father Fouras guides you through his mysterious riddles. This new edition also offers 10 brand new trials, including Tug of War, Pirate Planks, the Bank, the Garage, and many more. Get ready to experience epic challenges and push your limits!

FROGUE (QUByte Interactive, 27th Jun, $4.99) – Frogue is a stylish turn-based action platformer with bits of roguelite, bullet hell and time manipulation. Dash through your enemies, freeze time and throw your sword to solve every situation in YOUR way. – Dash to avoid bullet and kill your enemies! – Throw knifes to kill them at a distance. – Out of options? No problem, freeze time and make your own solution!

Garten of Banban Bundle: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 (Feardemic, 21st Jun, $19.99) – Explore the abandoned underground levels of Banban’s Kindergarten in Garten of Banban 1, 2, 3, 4. Delve into the bizarre, suspiciously abandoned underground facility in search of your missing child. Can you find them before the facility’s residents find you?

Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports (Outright Games, 28th Jun, $39.99) – Play as Mazu, Rocky, Bill and Tiny and compete in eight chomp-sized games. You’ll fly across deserts, race across glaciers, blast targets with berrys and more. But look out – Giganto himself might just stomp into the action! With lots of game modes you can create your own tournaments, take on AI opponents, or get the gang together for a split-screen party. Can you earn the most medals and win the Super Giganto Pineapple? You’ll have dino-mite fun finding out!

Good Guys (DillyFrame, 27th Jun, $0.99) – “Good Guys” is a linear visual novel that tells us about the adventure of two pets in a comic book format. They are ordinary pets during the day, but as soon as their man goes to bed, they jump into their old car and fly to save poor four-legged creatures from all over the galaxy! Our smaller brothers suffer in the mines of other planets, they are treated horribly and kept in slavery.

Hot Blood (eastasiasoft, 2nd Jul, $9.99) – It’s time to dish out some carnage in Hot Blood, the next low-poly 3D beat ’em up from the creator of Drunken Fist! Take the role of sassy smack-talking heroine Roxy as she’s taken off her guard when a zombie apocalypse breaks out while she’s shopping at the mall with her boyfriend. Can she find her boyfriend and escape alive?

How to Sing to Open Your Heart Remastered (ROSEVERTE, 27th Jun, $14.99) – This game is the third installment of “Story of Eroolia” series. The story begins after the ending of “How to Fool a Liar King. ” The half-cat half-human princess, Myana, who was previously a side character, is now our new heroine.

I Love Finding Cats and Pups Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 21st Jun, $9.99) – I Love Finding Cats and Pups is a classic hidden object game set in beautiful scenes. Search through them all to adopt and collect all the pawsome cats and pups! Play new mini games, solve fun puzzles, and collect all the adorable cats and pups!

Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 21st Jun, $9.99) – Immerse yourself in the enchanting depths of the mystical underwater realm of Atlantis Solitaire! Delve into numerous intricate underwater levels and build stunning aquatic landscapes.

Last Night of Winter (Red Art Games, 28th Jun, $9.99) – The story takes place in an old stronghold, at the last days of a great battle. You died, but your will was stronger than your body, so you woke up again, to continue the siege in a never-ending night. Remembering little more than your purpose, you’ll have to leave the dungeons, advance through the stronghold’s outskirts, and reach the highest tower. To find the Heir and finally end your curse.

Make it! Yakitori (SAT-BOX, 27th Jun, $3.00) – Let’s make yakitori on the Nintendo Switch™! Work efficiently to as many yakitori as you can! Share Joy-Con™ and play with up to 4 players! Reach for the ultimate high score! 《Rules》 Make different types of yakitori over a charcoal grill! Earn points based on how well you cook your yakitori! Make as many as you can before time runs out!

Mega Ramp Car Jumping (BoomBit Games, 27th Jun, $4.49) – You’re about to go racing down the biggest, raddest stunt ramps ever built, driving at speeds stunt cars were never built to reach. Drive down a mega, mega stunt jumping ramp — so steep and so high you’d have to be crazy to even think about racing down it.

MERGE BLOCK PUZZLE (Success, 26th Jun, $3.99) – Grab the blocks with the same number and move them. The number of the fused blocks will be +1, and multiple blocks will be fused into one. Beware of the increasing number of blocks as time goes by and keep fusing them. The goal is 100! There are 2 game modes. There are two game modes: the mode with props and the mode without props.

NeoSprint (Atari, 27th Jun, $24.99) – The exhilarating Atari racing classic “Sprint” series returns with NeoSprint! NeoSprint zooms back to life as a single screen arcade racer for up to 8 players, paired with a robust track builder and intuitive sharing tools, ensuring a racing experience that satisfies speed demons and architects alike. – Read our NeoSprint review

Nocturnal Visitors (Ratalaika Games, 27th Jun, $4.99) – One ordinary November night, Jamie witnesses a paranormal event. Shortly afterwards, he is transported to Aliorbis, a mysterious alternate version of Earth where magic and science coexist in almost perfect harmony. It’s the place where all the legends that we know of are born.

Offroad Masters: Motocross Races (Revulo, 28th Jun, $3.99) – Dive into the action by navigating a vibrant, stylized main menu and jump straight into single-player mode. Choose from unique tracks set in 4 breathtaking environments. Customize your ride by selecting from a variety of motorcycles, each with its own unique design and stats to match your playstyle.

planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet & Snow Globe (PROTOTYPE, 27th Jun, $14.99) – Visual novel studio Key’s sci-fi tale “planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet” and its prequel “planetarian: Snow Globe” now available as a single package!

Radiant Tale -Fanfare!- (Aksys Games, 27th Jun, $49.99) – An unlikely group of performers makes a last-ditch effort to reform a failing circus: a crazy dragon, a somber clown, a hesitant magician, an acrobat who can’t entertain, and a reluctant ringleader. Radiant Tale introduced Tifalia, a bright new producer who does her best to turn this dysfunctional troupe around and make them stars.

Room Renovator: Furniture Decor Simulator (Megame, 27th Jun, $4.99) – You will become a real interior designer specializing in kitchens. Your creative vision and problem-solving skills will be put to the test as you will need to arrange furniture and other items in the limited kitchen space, creating a cozy and functional environment.

Shogun (Ultimate Games, 27th Jun, $4.99) – Step into the era of the samurai and carve your destiny in Shogun Rulers, an immersive strategy and simulation game where you command as a powerful shogun. Oversee a territory with villages, expansive rice fields, and thriving marketplaces. Manage resources, erect grand structures, and broaden your domain.

So Much Stuff 3: Odds & Ends Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 21st Jun, $9.99) – Play So Much Stuff 3: Odds & Ends and dive into a delightful journey of sorting through an array of beautiful themes, clearing out a multitude of items and trinkets. In this new set of beautifully created hidden object scenes, you will sort through unique odds & ends! Feel the satisfaction of organizing and decluttering!

Spirits Chronicles: Born in Flames Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 21st June, $9.99) – You are a tamer of magical creatures. Together with your grandmother Dayona, you keep order in the snowy forest. Your grandmother is known as the best tamer, but now you are to take her place and go on the dangerous expedition to prevent the kingdom from becoming a snowy grave.

Stars, Stripes and Subgames Collector’s Edition (Ocean Media, 21st Jun, $9.99) – Discover the wisdom of the founding fathers through intriguing puzzles featuring quotes from the visionaries who shaped a nation. Test your knowledge of famous Americans as you unravel clues and unlock fascinating anecdotes about iconic figures who left an indelible mark on history.

Switch Race (Entity3, 29th Jun, $0.99) – Race to the finish line and choose the right vechicle for the terrain Switch between running, driving and sailing as you try to beat the others to the line Choose wise to gain the advatage enjoy a fun and addictive racing game with a quirky feel

Synaxarion: Great Martyr Theodore the Tyro (Ignatios Productions, 27th Jun, $0.99) – Holy Great Martyr Theodore the Tyro (or Theodore the Recruit) lived in the early 300s. This Synaxarion will step through his story as it is known today. It is a visual novel that will allow you to experience the story of Saint Theodore in a graphical setting. As you progress through the story, you will come across different levels to explore to collect holy items and lost treasures.

Tchia (Kepler Interactive, 27th Jun, $29.99) – Join Tchia on her tropical open-world adventure as she sets off to rescue her father from the cruel tyrant, Meavora, ruler of the archipelago. Climb, glide, swim, and sail your boat around beautiful islands as you explore a physics-driven sandbox. Face the fabric soldiers created by Meavora in open encounters where your creativity gives you the edge.

TSUKIHIME -A piece of blue glass moon- (Aniplex of America, 27th Jun, $49.99) – Ah…just how beautiful the moon is tonight… Thus begins the celebrated story of TSUKIHIME.

Ultra Hard! Spot the Difference Challenge (MASK, 27th Jun, $3.99) – This game allows you to easily train your brain by finding the mistakes hidden in pop illustrations.

VENARI – Escape Room Adventure (M9 GAMES, 21st Jun, $5.99) – Embark on an epic escape room adventure to an ancient, mysterious island where your puzzle skills will be put to the test as you try to uncover a secret artifact.

Vera Blanc Supernatural Mysteries (Ratalaika Games, 25th Jun, $7.99) – Vera Blanc: Full Moon: Vera Blanc is a mystery / detective game. Take on the role of Vera Blanc, a young and beautiful woman with an extraordinary power: the ability to read other people’s minds!

Whacking Hell! (Sanuk Games, 27th Jun, $9.99) – “Whacking Hell! ” is a frantic 2D top-down shooter with roguelite elements. The gates of hell have opened: whack all the monsters before they whack you! Collect their souls, ramp up your weapons and your spells, and become a slaughtering machine! Defeat waves of enemy attacks and nasty bosses by choosing the right path of upgrades.

Yori’s Journey: Forgotten Origins (VRCFORGE STUDIOS, 28th Jun, $9.99) – Yori’s Journey: Forgotten Origins is an immersive third-person combat experience set in a post-apocalyptic world where survival is paramount. Player step into the shoes of the main character, thrust into a virtual experiment against your will. With the sole objective of surviving and reaching the end, players must navigate through a linear narrative fraught with challenges and dangers

Note: Not all games in the download above are listed in the poll.

So that’s your lot for this week’s North American Nintendo Download. Go on, be a sport and drop a vote in the poll above, and comment below with your hot picks!


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