“We’ve got everyone in Atlanta in Adidas”

For those of you who rocked Travis Porter in 2010 when they signed with Jive Records, you might remember this three-man band often mistaken for one.

Best known for the hit songs “Bring It Back”, “Ayy Ladies” and “Make It Rain”, the group has made a name for itself through the club’s national anthems and musical compositions. classics. The group consists of step-brothers Ali & Quez, and their longtime friend Strap, whom they met at school.

Recently, Travis Porter walked behind the scenes of The Shade Room at the Millennium Tour in Dallas, Texas with the interviewer, Taylor Bickham, to get some stuff on their chests. Everything you can think of has been discussed: the origin of their name, their thoughts on not getting the flowers they deserved, their relationship with Adidas, which artists helped they have access to another fan market, the Millennium Tour and more!

Interviewer: How are you?

Strap: Working, busy. Travel life
Quez: We are great. We are enjoying life. We are still happy. That’s the best part about it all. We are having fun.

Interviewer: A lot of people want to know why Travis Porter is a singular name and you’re all a trio?

Quez: We do everything the same
Strap: We are the same person. 3 times!
Quez: It’s the three of us but we’re the same person. We just look a little bit different
Ali: We don’t all have the same girlfriend.

Interviewer: A lot of people call you the “original Migos” how do you feel about that?

Strap: I just wanted to say we were the original three-man rap group. Of course they go always comparing the next to come but we have our own lane, and we always stay in our own lane

Interviewer: So you’re all saying you all go out of the box?

Strap: We are outside, outside. Look at our name! Straight out of the box. Straight into the bowl.

Interviewer: Have you ever broken up?

Quez: As a group of us did. It’s not like…
Strap: It’s not like that
Quez: They don’t — not with me. It is not like that. We were all like “okay”. Let’s pause.
Strap: We’re just living life
Quez: It’s like… if we can’t go to the studio. Why are we still talking about the studio? We have new babies. You know that. So it’s hard for active parents to get into the studio. Strap: Anytime
Quez: To make it worthwhile. Because the way we make music is the same day in and day out, not the same as time after time. We can sleep in this mother—-. But you know, mom and daughter might have a problem with those two nights in a row. Ask where have you been?

Reporter: With the pause in your music, do you have any regrets?

Quez: I don’t think we regret that. I feel like this is even the fun part about things. This is the most exciting part when we get into the rap industry. Grind to get to the next level. This is joy. I feel it’s always good to challenge and let things not be as easy as hell. Wherever you go, you will receive love, but love is still there. But, that’s just where people see you in their mind. I feel this is the best time for us. We love grinding. We love going on the road. We love putting out music. We like the ridicule and when people say “it’s not,” so we can work harder.
Strap: We are good with constructive criticism.

Travis Porter Brings Them Adidas & Kayne West

Reporter: It seems that on social media, a lot of people don’t know if your song ‘ADIDAS’ is about the Adidas brand or the acronym ‘All Day I Dream About Sex’, as the song says?

Strap: I think we played it both ways. We did it both ways
Quez: Yes, dual participant
Strap: Thanks to the manufacturer for making it. It’s a good production. It’s like one of our fan favorites.
Quez: I told her [interviewer] that. At a time when we were transforming culture in Atlanta. So we have everyone in Adidas, but Adidas never cut the check for us.
Strap: They showed love.
Quez: They gave us free clothes
Strap: But, people give us free…
Quez: But, guess what? Then, in 2014, that’s when Adidas started signing rappers. That’s when I said, “hold on.”
Strap: We were there before the wave
Quez: They did Big Sean and a few others and we were like, “guy… hold on to the man.” We started it with an “A” and they came across Travis Porter. Like always, you know how it goes.

Interviewer: How do you feel about Adidas abandons partnership with Kanye West?

Quez: Did they drop it?
Ali: Dude, I don’t like it.
Quez: I don’t like it either. I feel like everyone can separate art from people. I can do that.

Interviewer: In all respects? Even in situations like, R. Kelly?

Quez: Definitely listening R kelly in the crib. I’m playing R. Kelly in the car. I can tell the difference between artist and music. I can distinguish the two.
Ali: You can’t let go of the person who brought you back to life.
Quez: If they’re with him, they need to stay with him. Are you all f—— with him because of his personal opinion? But, you were all with him already. So you all don’t know this about him or something? Did sales decrease? I do not know. I just feel like they’re tripping.

Travis Porter Talks About Not Receiving Their Flowers

Reporter: Do you feel like you received the flowers you deserve?

Strap: It’s really a difficulty a– no.
Quez: Hard Heisman Trophy
Strap: But at the same time, a lot of people don’t get their flowers. It doesn’t just start and end with Travis Porter. There are a lot of n—- can’t get their flowers, and they n—- type sh—. I don’t want to be like yeah we don’t get our flowers when it’s other people n—– who did more than we did
Quez: And, they don’t have their flowers
Strap: So we won’t cry about it. We go on harder.

Interviewer: Do you have a song that you feel doesn’t get the credit it deserves?

Ali: No. I feel like the songs don’t get as much love that people still listen to to this day.

Interviewer: I feel like “Cake” doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Quez: You’re right, but it happened because when we did it, everyone knew it. But, that’s like our careers. It’s like Travis Porter’s career. It’s like they know it but is it like we’ve heard it? It’s like we know them n——. We love them n ——-. But, where are they? That’s the way that song is. It’s like it’s there. Everyone knows that. However, it didn’t get as much love as “Make It Rain” or “Bring It Back” but it is a classic. Some… don’t go like that. Like, I can name 100 Song Boosie which no one has ever heard of but they are a classic to me.

Travis Porter gives Mac Miller his flowers for helping get them in

Interviewer: Well, how do you feel that people still kick you as if there was no end?

Ali: I mean.. I know I still get it. I know I am him.
Quez: That comes with a solid foundation, as Strap said, of how we were raised and how we started.
Ali: We are a human being.
Quez: We will leave the section and go to the bar. Even if we had a show and only 300-500 people showed up, we would go to the bar and take pictures for everyone. There aren’t so many people that we can’t show everyone’s love.
Strap: I feel like the way we show our fans love makes them feel like they know us more, so they appreciate that. They appreciate music and it always takes you back to where you were. We have made memories together. As simple as that.
Ali: And our music has passed, and I have to give it to Mac Miller for taking us on his tour. It took us to a completely different world
Quez: He took us into a completely different realm when it came to music and that’s when we dropped ‘Reup’. It’s one of the songs. It was a sleeper but his fans were the ones who took it and ran after it. You know what I’m saying? Say hello to Mac Miller. Rest in peace the missionary.

Travis Porter Talk All Things Millennium Tour

Interviewer: Who asked you to join the Millennium Tour?

Quez: Sh–, Bow.

Interviewer: What was that like? How did he ask you guys?

Quez: Sh—, Facetime. He said, “Dude. What are you doing? What do you all tryna do? ” I asked, ‘What does the money look like?’ And, thanks to our owner, Bart, he’s also pushing us on this tour. He’s one of the few. our people from Atlanta.

Interviewer: What does being on this tour mean to all of you and your contribution to the culture?

Ali: It feels good. You’re a bit forgetful because it’s been a long time since you’ve performed in such a big crowd, and it’s like we really are. That’s the feeling every time we step on the stage.
Quez: Yes that’s true. And, we came after everyone on this tour, and I felt like we were a good addition to what was going on. And, we had the best show. We have the best set.

IInterviewer: On this tour, who do you think you are a fan of?

Quez: Pleasure P
Ali: Yes, I would say the same thing
Strap: Me too
Ali: That brought my girl back five times
Quez: Like I literally lost my virginity to a Pleasure P song. So that’s why I resonated.

The strap clarifies how important sex is to a relationship

Interviewer: And, my last question to Strap, I saw a video on Twitter and it’s a podcast, and you specifically said that you think sex is 90% of a relationship. So tell me why do you think it’s 90% of a relationship?

Strap: That’s 90% Cassamigos answered for me. Laugh out loud.

It’s clear that Travis Porter really appreciates the love they’ve received on the Millennium Tour, and the fans are here for the nostalgia their music brings.

Roommate, what is your favorite Travis Porter song?


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