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In Overwatch 2, Ana is one of the support champions, with a very high ability to heal from a distance. Armed with a rifle, Ana can generate healing and damage from range, which many other support heroes don’t excel at. Overwatch 2 brought new modes, heroes, and maps, along with balance changes to the hero shooter, which changed the meta. Here’s how to maximize your healing as Ana in Overwatch 2.

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Overview of Ana

Ana is a support hero in Overwatch 2 who provides healing using her ranged rifle. The rifle provides a large amount of healing to allies when hit and deals damage to enemies hit. Ana is also equipped with a Sleep Dart that puts enemies to sleep for a few seconds, although they will wake up on damage. Her Biotic Grenades provide healing to friends, while temporarily increasing the amount of healing they gain. Her ultimate ability Nano Boost allows one of her teammates to enter the enemy team, increasing damage and reducing damage taken.

Anas ability

Biological rifle: The ranged rifle heals allies and damages enemies. Can be enlarged.

Sleep Dart: Shooting darts puts enemies to sleep.

Biotic Grenades: Throw a grenade to heal allies and increase the healing they receive, while also damaging enemies and preventing them from being healed.

Ultimate Nano Boost: Increases damage dealt by allies while reducing damage taken. Heals a large amount when used.

Get familiar with your rifle

Ana’s Bread and Butter is her Biological Rifle, both her primary weapon and her primary healing mechanism. Weapons have some important nuances, so it’s important to fully understand it before entering combat. First, weapons automatically switch between damage and healing depending on whether you shoot an enemy or an ally, so there’s no need to do any manual switching. As for the rifle itself, when firing on the side it acts like a projectile weapon where you may need to guide your shot. When zoomed in, it functions as a sweeping weapon, hitting whatever you’re aiming for when you pull the trigger. Another important thing to note is that the amount of healing and damage dealt is static. There is no bonus for headers, regardless of whether it’s healing or damage.

Your tool belt

Ana also has two cooldown-based skills she can use, each of which can be extremely effective if used in the right situations. The first is Sleep Dart, which works as advertised. Ana is currently the only hero that can apply a sleep effect, immobilizing someone for a few seconds, but they can be awakened early if you damage them. It’s rare for your teammates to actually let enemies sleep all that time, but it has a pretty powerful specific effect. Sleep Dart can be used to stop an enemy’s ultimate skill, sometimes completely canceling it, or just wasting precious seconds of its life. An ulcerated Reaper would be much less scary if he was asleep.

Biotic Grenade provides healing and increases the amount of healing that allies receive, so it can be very useful if your tank is taking more damage than you and other supports can handle at the moment. . It can also be used to prevent the opposing team from healing for a short period of time, can be used to take down enemies or use a supporting ult like Zenyatta’s.

You’re being Nano Boosted, get in there

Ana has a high ceiling for healing, assuming you can hit the target.
Ana has a high ceiling for healing, assuming you can hit the target.

As for Ana’s ultimate ability, Nano Boost, you have the benefit of not being directly responsible for its effectiveness. Instead, you just need to choose which teammates get buffs. Your team’s tanks are always a good choice as most tanks can deal a decent amount of damage and the reduced damage means they’re pretty hard to take down. The other option is to combine it with the ultimate ability of one of your teammates, possibly one of the damage heroes. If you have a Genji or Reaper, they will probably want you to power them up when they use their ultimate. Just make sure you use quick chat to let your team know your final charge to coordinate the attack.

Other tips from Ana

  • When zoomed in, Biotic Rifle will prioritize healing or dealing damage, so you may have trouble shooting around enemies.
  • While Ana has a natural heal time like all supports, you can stab a Biotic Grenade in your leg for a quick heal.
  • Nano Boost also provides around 300 healing when used, so you can also use it to protect your tank during a critical push.
  • Currently, the only heroes who can undo your anti-heal from Biotic Grenade are Ana or another Kiriko, so watch out for when they use their abilities and throw grenades while they’re on. during cooldown.

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