Guide to relationship skills in Darkest Dungeon 2 – How to form positive relationships

The Darkest Dungeon II The relationship mechanics seem like a trivial factor compared to the stress your heroes can endure, as well as the quirks and other bugs during combat. But if you’re not careful about your team’s current Relationship Level, they can soon start to turn against each other, leading to various uncomfortable moments. Learning to use this mechanic to your advantage is key to getting the most out of each expedition and of course, managing to last longer.

After the release of the Space Between Us update in January 2023, Relationships have been pretty much iterated. As a mechanic who has previously caused some controversy in the post-early access community, the latest edits would be very welcome if you also think some random element of it is not working. beneficial to it. This guide explains everything you need to know about Relationship Skills in Darkest Dungeon II, as well as the best ways to form positive relationships among your party members.

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How to form relationships in Darkest Dungeon II

Relationships and relationships go hand in hand. The degree of your relationship between the characters will determine the types of relationships they can form, positive or negative. After the release of the Space Between Us update, relationships can now only form at Inn. Except for the first time you visit after an introductory trip on your convoy, each subsequent visit to future Inns will result in different pairs.

It’s worth noting that relationships won’t happen until after you’ve rested, so you have some time to try and tilt the scale sideways in your group. Once you’re all set up, the screen just before starting will signal any relationships that have formed. Clicking on them will tell you whether the results are positive or negative, as well as details about which Relationship Skills are affected (more on this later).

'Playing cards' is a great Inn to foster relationships - both positive and negative.
‘Playing cards’ is a great Inn to foster relationships – both positive and negative.

There are different ways to create rapport among your party, but if you’re wondering how to form positive relationships in Darkest Dungeon II, here are some tips:

  • Keep an eye out for Inn . items: Items such as ‘Cards’ are generally cheaper and can also be obtained as loot or as rewards during expeditions. Unless your characters’ Affinity Levels are already in a state you’re comfortable with, using these items before starting your next expedition can be of great help. In the end, they are still a gamble, but who knows, your luck might give you favorable results after all.
  • The Hostel itself can also affect your Relationship: Whenever you go to the Inn, make sure to hover over its icon in the top left corner to see if there’s any effect on the party.
  • In decision-making moments, trust your intuition: Sometimes, you will have to decide between different party members before encountering or while chatting with NPCs. You can tell whether a choice will positively or negatively affect someone by the colored “aura” surrounding the characters (yellow and blue respectively). It’s up to you how you want to tackle each situation – just make sure to pay attention to this before choosing the wrong one.
  • your actions in the matter of combat: Similar to selection-based events, using some skills over others will result in different effects. Thankfully, these are signaled by one of two colors during that character’s turn, so it’s up to you how you want to handle each situation. Sometimes you will really need to use a particular skill and negative results are bound to happen.
  • Quirks are important: Quirks also play a big part in how relationships will work for that character. Most often unrelated, but you should always open the character screen and double check for yourself. Also, keep in mind that new Quirks will inevitably appear throughout the expeditions.

Those are the basics, but again, keep in mind that Darkest Dungeon II thrives at random values. Your characters are bound to increase or decrease their Relationship points with each other during expeditions. The steps above are just tools to counteract those effects, so you can try and turn the rules in your favor.

Also, remember that relationships that last only during the upcoming expedition, and not with you during the run. You can change from positive to negative and vice versa, so having a negative relationship after your second visit to the Inn is not the end of the world.

How does the relationship skill work in Darkest Dungeon II

As mentioned before, the decisions you make during combat have an impact on your party’s relationships. After a link is formed, a randomly selected skill from each of the two characters will receive either positive or negative support. As such, whenever you use said skill in combat, the effect will occur, further affecting the relationship.

Currently, the positive relationships are Respect, Hope and Love, while the negative group is suitable for Doubt, Hate and Jealousy. Skill buffs and debuffs can vary widely, from stressing barks or random healing during combat, to enemies attacking or defending each other.

It can be quite nerve-wracking to see party members turn against each other if you pick the wrong skills, but some dialogue will add some interesting personality to your heroes.
It can be quite nerve-wracking to see party members turn against each other if you pick the wrong skills, but some dialogue will add some interesting personality to your heroes.

If you’re trying to keep the peace as much as possible, I recommend always double-checking before using the skill. For example, if a party member has just been hit or has a debuff (such as bleeding or dying), it’s likely that taking care of them will earn you a few marzipan points.

Whenever you have positive relationship skills, I recommend using them as often as possible. The negatives, on the other hand, are more complicated: You can’t swap them out from your character’s skill bars, so they’ll be there throughout the expedition. And, well, if the skill the game randomly picks is one that you use often, be prepared to make people angry whenever you use it.

Relationships in Darkest Dungeon II can be pretty random, so it’s important that you’re prepared for any eventuality – ours Beginner’s Guide and explain step by step to beat The brain refuses can help.

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