Crime Boss: Rockay City Review: a Confusing and Incoherent Paydaylike

I tried to explain the vibe of Crime Boss: Rockay City – a new Payday-like game whose USP is full of old ’90s stars whose unifying feature is that they shouldn’t be hired to do voice work on this game – told Graham as I was playing last weekend. “You know all police proceedings have at least one episode about gamers, so they had to make a game for it? How does it feel. It’s like a mock game. created by a Hollywood television producer.”

Hours later, after several short cutscenes in which Michael Rooker frequently has to shout nonsense American football metaphors, to justify the fact that his character’s name is Touchdown, and Michael Madsen growls about it. ‘candy’ in a hard life 65- a 35-year-old’s voice came from Vallyy, 35-year-old’s weird face, I texted him an update: ‘It’s like that tweet’Bames Nond is having a drunk, call a bond‘.”

I mean, it’s also like a worse thing salary day – and consider payday 2 ten years old this year is an achievement in itself. Given that gap, you can see why replacing Payday sounds like a great idea: PvE co-op is making a big comeback and Payday has a clear goal (stealing stuff) but is showing up. shows off-the-beaten-path tricks (where’s the theft? Oh no, police!, etc.) in one compact map. It makes for a good time! And theoretically, this is also the case with Crime Boss. If you’ve played any Payday, or even watched a co-play, you’ll realize a lot is going on here.

What you’re essentially doing in the game is crime, delivered as actionable, standalone nuggets. Robbing a bank, robbing an armored truck, robbing a jewelry store, robbing a warehouse full of drugs, doing a heist (that’s when you rob something at night!). You do this in groups of four, with each character having different skills, and the goal is to get as much loot as possible – with a minimum set for you to win the level. In the process, you’ll have the chance to become stealthy, undercover civilians, crack safes with a centuries-old drill, and have protracted gunfights with increasingly difficult police squads. count (normal guys will stand still while you step up and shoot them; SWAT teams will suddenly avoid scrolling like members of the Cat team).

A pile of dead police officers in the hallways of a bank, under a pop-up warning telling you the police are retreating

These crimes were committed in three different contexts. The first is Crime Hour, which is your quick play mode when you want to get in and do some heists. There is a map of Rockay City where thefts and robberies appear every few seconds, but you can also get a contract, which costs money but earns more. Some of these more complexities have to be unlocked during the Battle of Baker, and if you want your teammates to outgrow the trash generics then these will be unlocked in Urban Legends.

Urban Legends is a series of, currently, six mini-campaigns in which you must play three levels in a row connected by a loose story type. The first is: attack Vanilla Ice’s gang, steal drugs from him, then sell to the police. If you fail a level in Urban Legends, you have to start all over again. This mode is probably the most interesting, because it has greater sense of purpose and more immediate high stakes.

Baker’s Battle is a single-player mode where you play as Baker (a sore throated Madsen) trying to take over the famous Floridian party town. This involves looking at a map of the city divided into territories and performing daily actions to earn money – that would be one of your theft levels – or capture territory from a Rival gang leader – this will be a possible or probable random shootout. Don’t culminate in a bullet sponge boss. In between these scenes, you’ll see short cutscenes in which the stretched actors repeatedly utter a series of criminal words like “pussies” and “fuck yeah,” before going back to the original version. your map and plan more action. There are seeds of good ideas here. For example, if you have a variety of things in an inventory, you can sell them when the market for them increases to get some cash. You can also die, at which point you have to start the campaign again, but with the incentives you earn like extra initial coins, more elves hired, higher personal health, etc.

Break the bank vault with a drill in Crime Boss: Rockay City

This would be a neat singleplayer for a mostly friendly cooperative game. Unfortunately, the Crime Boss has done anything to the contrary of nailing the fundamentals. It pulled all the nails out of the fundamentals. Therefore, the prospect of dying and replaying countless games is very sad. Shooting feels as important as throwing a feather, and your gun pulls to the side where the line of sight is – I think because the gun swings less is something you can level up, but that’s true. uncomfortable. You have to use stealth to get the camera and disable the guards and civilians, but there aren’t enough ways for you to really succeed. The cover system seems erratic, so sometimes you’ll be seen by the camera even if you’re completely crouched behind an entire car. Several times, when trying to be smart and get through one of the levels (repeatedly), I was stopped by a MISSION RETURN AREA when I tried to go around the back gate of the very building that I’m trying to rob!

The main advantage of playing co-op is that at least you won’t lose specifically because of the AI. Taking hostages doesn’t seem to really do anything in the event the police show up, and I even found the impact of various crime skills to be negligible, but if you’re playing with bots then chances are those bastards will win’ don’t even pick up any loot and you have to throw bags at them like you’re loading a donkey. Even then, there’s still a chance that one would, for example, run across the level’s starting area rather than an exit van, or simply stand in front of a squealing machine gun. There are radio barks from your Nasara fixer during missions, but they’re all either too late, too early, or unrelated to what’s happening in the game. Also, most of the time NPCs don’t really load for about 5 seconds, so it looks like a lot of ghosts are shooting at each other. It’s not an AI thing, but it’s pretty funny.

Team selection screen in Crime Boss: Rockay City

The main single player map screen for Crime Boss: Rockay City

I really don’t blame the developers for any of this, because one imagines that an insignificant portion of the Crime Boss’ budget was taken by someone higher up the chain. , used to hire old actors who only understand their meaning. done. To put it generously, they are the worst thing about Crime Bosses! Instead of the actual voice actors, you have Chuck Norris, a 70-year-old who has barely been in the game despite being the villain over and over again, delivering lines like ” What’s his jam?” as if he was browsing at a local WI festival. Kim Basinger mostly just stood there. Even the likes of Madsen, Rooker, and Vanilla Ice, who have been in or, you imagine, heard of video games, are far worse off than experienced voice actors in them.

And of course yes! This is not their garage! All you need for a game like this is someone who can put out a gruff “I’m a big mistake” voice and then you’ll save money and get more done in the game. his actual play. game. It’s a no-brainer, sure? I won’t begrudgingly the Dannys family, both Glover and Trejo, an allowance. I just can’t fathom the decisions that created Crime Boss: Rockay City. Payday 3 is expected to launch later this year.


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